Hitis-Rosala Christmas tour is here again!

Welcome to Made in Hitis Shop and find Christmas presents on Saturday 11.12.2021 at 11-15. And remember to visit all the other great places on Hitis-Rosala on the same day!


In the small crafts shop Made in Hitis you will find a wide selection of archipelago handicrafts. At the moment we have 22 suppliers from all over the archipelago, with products ranging from woollen socks and knitted products to jewellery and cheramics. Most are items for practical use, but also pieces of art purely for resting your eyes on. Our goal is for the shop, which you will find in connection with the library in the village of Hitis, to have as diverse a selection as possible.

Welcome in and have a look! You can find us here.

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When you want Made in Hitis to sell your work

Made in Hitis acts as a dealer of archipelago crafts. We want to be a platform that helps the handicrafter with even the smallest production at home to find an audience. We gladly represent both big and small, but especially we want to find small-scale craftsmen who do not have a sales channel from earlier. This is a great opportunity, for example for those who work crafts on the side of a main job, and do not have the opportunity to invest so much time or money on the sale of your items. Of course, even established craftsmen with their own stores or webshops are welcome aboard!

Your products should be manufactured in the Hitis archipelago. If you feel that your products would fit into our shop, just call or send an email! Your materials and manufacturing methods should be environmentally friendly, and it can be practical applicances, jewellery, clothes, ornamental art or eatables (not fresh goods that require refrigeration).

Gift cards

Bring joy to a loved one with a gift card to Made in Hitis Shop! Stop by the store, or order by e-mail or phone +358-50-5454645.

Kayak rental

Rent a kayak from the Hitis village info in the summer!

There are two kayaks for rent between June 15th and August 14th, in collaboration with the local rowing club.

Prices per kayak:
15 € / 1 h
Following hours á 5 €
Whole day 40 €
Over night, for example a weekend 70 €

Please make a booking by sending an e-mail to or SMS / Whatsapp to 050 54 54 645. Kayaks are situated near the Made in Hitis Shop and Hitis library & village info at Stormnäsvägen 28, 25940 Hitis. You will get a code for unlocking the kayak as well as payment info by e-mail, so 100% social distancing is possible.

Project Village Info

Together we are stronger! Three partners, the municipality of Kimitoön, Hitis village association, and Made in Hitis have joined forces to achieve a renewed service in Hitis. Together, we want to make Hitis Library a service and meeting point in the village, a "village office" where both locals and visitors can get services and have a chance to gather, all year round. A little bit like a smaller version of Kimito's Villa Lande, still maintaining the unique atmosphere of the library in the more than 100-year old school building.

The result of this endeavour was a pilot project during the summer of 2018, from 19.6 to 18.8.2018, which enabled extended opening hours at Hitis Library and an updating of the services there. The results of the efforts led to the creating of a similar project during 2018-2019 with new partners, I samma båt r.f. and Svenska Kulturfonden.

You can read more about the project in a press release in Swedish here (PDF).

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About us

Made in Hitis is a one-person company run by me, Hanna Vuorio-Wilson. Hi there!

About my background: I spent many a recent year, 2001-2017 to be exact, working at the Rosala Viking Centre and booking office of the Bengtskär lighthouse, the last 10 years of these as entrepreneur.

I found The Hitis Library for the first time when I was a little girl who loved to read, and in the Spring of 2014 the Hitis library found me, when I saw a note on a bulletin board saying the library needed a clerk. Despite life as a busy entrepreneur with the tourist season ahead of me, I just had a gut feeling that this is something I have to do! Pro tip: always follow your gut, your gut knows.

I am inspired by and motivated to work with questions related to my home village(s) and the challenges that they face, and that is the foundation of Made in Hitis. I founded my company to build a platform for local handicrafters to get their work out into the world, and to offer my business experience to fellow local entrepreneurs.

As of October 2019 I work as Coordinator at Söderlångvik Manor developing tourism services, so my freelance endeavours are limited at the moment. Therefore, Made in Hitis main function right now is the handicraft shop in Hitis with kayak rental during the summer.


Contact information

Made in Hitis Shop
Hitis library & village info
Stormnäsvägen 28
25940 Hitis, Finland

Opening hours all year round
Tuesday 10.00-14.00
Thursday 13.00-17.00
June 15th to August 15th
Tuesday & Wednesday 10.00-14.00
Thursday 13.00-17.00
Friday & Saturday 10.00-14.00
Exception: Sat 11th December 2021 open 11.00-15.00.
Tel. 050 545 4645